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After Acquiring a Day Sequerra Fm Reference with a bad CRT, I originally thought of selling it.  Fortunately my sale fell through and I decided to keep it.

  There is a lot of information on the Sequerra tuners on the web, but most does not focus on the most failure prone area, the scope.

Below is a great site with lots of useful information.  It is a good starting point to learn about the tuners and where I started.

  After some research and time, I was able to find a solution and fix my tuner.  I now offer this repair as well as upgrades and other repairs for all the Sequerra and Day-Sequerra tuners at reasonable prices.

FM Reference Scope Replacement





Here is a comparison of all of the CRT tubes that can be used in the Sequerra and Day-Sequerra tuners










































Original Sequerra Model 1 CRT


Going clockwise starting at the top left, the CRTs shown are the original CRT from a Sequerra Model 1, replacement Philips D10-160, replacement AEG Telefunken D10-260, Replacement Mullard 95474, and original CRT from a Day Sequerra FM Reference.


The Mullard CRT is the newest and latest replacement in this series of CRTs.  It is interchangeable with the older D10-160GH and appears to be either a re-issue or made from the same tooling.  It is labeled as made in Holland just like the original and replacement D10-160GH.  As stated in my FM Reference Scope Replacement Scopex used the Mullard 95474 CRT to replace the failing D10-260 CRTs in their oscilloscopes

Replacement AEG Telefunken D10-260

Replacement Mullard 95474


Replacement Philips D10-160GH

Original Day Sequerra FM Reference CRT


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